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Friday, 19 May 2006

74 Year Old Man Jailed Over Council Tax

This is an outrageous story of an elderly Man from Dover, Kent who couldn't pay his Council Tax bill.

Basically this 74 year old man was unable to pay all his Council Tax and was summoned to court. He believed that he owed the council £120 and was paying accordingly. However, because of his age the man had been confused over the amount, which was actually over £900.

The courts reaction to this confused Senior Citizens mistake was not to help him sort out his problems in a socially responsible matter. Quite the opposite, they gaoled him for 23 days, despite his heart condition and mobility problems.

What wonderful legal system we have.....NOT!!!!

The thing that really annoys me about this, and hundreds of similar cases, is that many retired people's income is well below that of their compulsory outgoings. My Father-in-Law is also in this money trap. He is registered disabled with a very low income, which doesn't actually cover his rent and council tax. How is he supposed to buy food, electricity, etc. ?

Why can't the Government see that these people just cannot manage with such high council tax bills? Isn't it about time that Gordon & Tony started to look at the real world where us voters live!

I am NOT saying that none of us should pay our taxes. The problem here is that the levels set do not take the individuals income into account. For those on low wages the council tax is a significant proportion of their income. Where as higher earners hardly notice the impact it has on their pockets. The balance is all wrong!



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