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Tuesday, 9 May 2006

Playstation 3 Launch Date At Last!

I was never a real fan of games consoles, I could never see the point of a machine just for games. However, when I have used games on my PC I noticed that they never seemed to be as good as when I tried them in the shop on the latest Pentium 500Ghz / 500GB video ram machines. Games also have the effect of messing up your PC.

That lead me to the realisation that actually these games consoles might be a good idea after all. My Wife bought me a PS1 just as the PS2 was released and we still use it now. Trouble is there are no new games on sale for it now. Therefore, do I buy a PS2 or wait for the PS3 to be launched in November this year (a mere year late) ?

While I mull this quandary over, why not check out the new PS3 here - www.playstation.com



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