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Sunday, 14 May 2006

I've Got Musical DNA

Early Me
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I come from a very musical family, in fact my parents met while members of an Amateur Opera society. My father joined an Army band while doing his National Service and went on to both play and conduct in various Brass Bands. Until late last year he played French horn in the Crawley Millennium Concert Band.

When I was about 10 years old I joined the Copthorne & District Silver Band, my Dad was band master at that time. I played the E flat horn for a while but never really got into it and soon left.

In about 1989 I bought a Commodore Amiga mainly for games. I soon discovered a tracker program called MED and have been using it in it's various guises ever since. You can find more about Med on the MED Soundstudio page.

The music I write is mainly Electronic as I'm a big fan of the 1980's Electronic sound. However, I have written some rock and classical material. If I ever get the new version of my website finished, I'll put some of my tunes on and post a link here. You have been warned 8-)

My current favourite musical style is Trance as I enjoy the high energy sound and the feeling of euphoria you get when dancing with thousands of like minded souls in a club. There's nothing to beat it. In 2000 I went to Ibiza and enjoyed the whole experience. The sights, weather and sounds of the 'White Isle' are magical & intoxicating. I could have stayed forever ! I'd like to return sometime, preferably before I get too old. If you go there and plan to go clubbing, make sure you take plenty of money as club entrance fees and drinks inside are steep. For instance, I paid £35 to get in and £4 for a 300ml bottle of water. By now it's probably much more expensive.



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