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Tuesday, 23 May 2006

The Peugeot Boat Sails Once More

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A very nice chap by the name of Barry visited us and our paralysed car today. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, he was able to gain access to the left-hand side rear brake drum.

It would appear that the cause of our troubles was that the brake lining had parted company with one of the shoes and become wedged fast against the drum. Thus no rotation.

For some inexplicable reason Peugeot saw fit to design their cars with several different braking systems, even within the same model range. When I rang my favoured motor spares company they told me there are five possible sets of rear brake shoes for it. Even the local Peugeot main dealer could only narrow it down to two types and that was after quizzing me about her registration number, chassis number and inside leg measurement. If Peugeot don’t know which ones will fit, what hope is there for us mere mortals?

Barry’s solution to this was to buy four sets (the fifth was out of stock) and return all the ones which didn’t fit. Sod's Law was shining on us today, as it wasn’t set number five that we needed.

We are once again mobile, for now at least. Barry spotted another problem which will require attention fairly soon. At least I should be able to undo the retaining nut myself next time. I hope.

If you are in the West Sussex area and need a good mechanic, you could do worse than give Barry a call. His details are,

Barry Pickersgill – The Car Medic
Phone - 07795 997607 or 01273 832265


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