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Wednesday, 17 May 2006

French Design Triumphs Over British Ingenuity

Our Car - Rear
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Deep Joy! Our Peugeot Boat has developed yet another fault exactly 1 week after passing its MOT.

This weeks fault sponsored by 'Peugeot', is the complete seizure of the left hand rear brake drum.

My Wife was driving the Boat when she heard a loud bang/ping noise coming from the back of the car, which was followed by a very sudden stop. This all happened in the middle of the road 20 yards from our house. It took her and a friend one and a half hours to get the car to the kerb. I can only imagine the traffic chaos which ensued during this time.

The exact cause of the seizure is yet unknown as I cannot get the offending drum off. This is not due to the original fault, but the stupid way that the hub is secured. What was wrong with split-pins that you could undo with ease? Only the French would think that using a very soft 32mm nut with an edge that folds into a slot in the stub axle was a good idea! It might have been a great idea when the car was new, but how the hell do you get it undone 9 years on?

I think I'll have to call in the cavalry for this one as all my attempts are just damaging the afore mentioned soft nut. I can imagine the phone call now.

"Is that the mechanic? Please come round and empty my wallet as my Peugeot's broken AGAIN!!!!"

Such is life 8-(

My gut feeling tells me that the probable cause is a broken brake shoe retaining spring. This would mean that the shoes would be pressing against the inside of the drum, stopping it rotating. Until I can get in there this will remain a guess.



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