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Friday, 12 May 2006

A Thought for a Sunny Friday

As I was disrobing from my leathers after arriving at work this morning, I the following question entered my mind.

  • If cows rode motorbikes, what would they wear for protection?
My reasoning behind the question is that we homo sapiens use cow skin to make our protective biking gear. What would cows use? Human skin wouldn’t be any use and I doubt that they’d be inclined to use the skin of their brethren. I think the answer may have to be some kind of Man-Made, or perhaps Cow-Made, fibre garment.

Your thoughts please. Use the ‘comments’ link below.

I shall now return to more down to earth matters. Such as,
  • How much milk shall I have in my tea?
I see a Bovine theme developing. Maybe I’m due a ‘Cow’ of a day?



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