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Sunday, 11 June 2006

My Beloved PC REALLY Isn’t Enjoying The Hot Weather 8-(

80mm CPU Fan
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She is complaining about the heat today. Twice she has shut herself off with an overheated PSU. Fortunately, after a rest she sprung back to life on both occasions.

It appears that the PSU has its own self-preservation circuitry, which switches off when the going gets too hot. This would suggest that my PC case still has ventilation issues, which thought I had resolved.

Last summer I had two hard drives which failed as the weather got hotter. I solved the over heating by increasing the size of the CPU fan from 60mm to 80mm and fitting an additional case fan. At least I thought this had solved the heat issues, but now I’m not so sure as todays events have proved. The main problem is that my case has no space at the back to mount fans. Perhaps I should replace it with a newer more suitable one.


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