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Sunday, 25 June 2006

Can England Win The Football World Cup?

I hope they will. Wouldn’t it be great to hold both the Rugby and Football World Cups at the same time? However, if their performance so far is anything to go by, I doubt this is very likely. My money would be on Argentina, if I were a betting man.

I'm not really a football fan, having been disillusioned by all the violent thuggery that surrounded the game in my youth. The final straw for me was the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985. Before that I followed Tottenham Hotspurs, as my Grandfather had before me.

Since then I’ve only really paid any attention to international footbal competitions, such as the World and European Cups.

My real passion is for Rugby Union and when England beat Australia 20-17 to win the World Cup in 2003, I was over the moon. I even managed to get to the victory parade in London. I couldn’t see or hear a thing in Trafalgar Square, but I was there, during an extended lunch break.


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