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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Chainsaws At 100 Paces

I have a new obsession. The Microsoft Xbox 360 games console.

It all happened quite by accident really. My son has long since commandeered my old Sony PS1 console, which I rarely used anyway. This was followed by a Nintendo GameCube about two years ago, which I bought from a friend of a friend for virtually nothing. For a long time I’ve wanted a PS2, but thought I’d wait for the PS3, which still hasn’t arrived here in the UK yet.

When my Brother-in-Law (Chunky) moved in with us last year, he bought his Xbox 360 with him and I was impressed with the console & games. It was about this time I started looking around for a new mobile phone contract and discovered that many companies would throw in an Xbox 360 to sweeten the deal. I thought it would be rude not to sign-up.

My console arrived about two weeks ago and I haven’t managed to put it down since. Chunky and I spend most evenings killing our ‘On-Line’ friends with all manner of fancy weaponry. It’s a real scream and provides the much needed stress relief from my bike problems. Even my wife has found a game she likes, so almost everyone is happy.

I say ‘almost everyone’ because I haven’t told my Son about my new toy. Why? Because he would Hi-Jack it as he has done with all previous consoles and I would lose interest quite quickly. The other problem is that most of my games are wholly unsuitable for a 10 year old.

I will have to come clean eventually as I’m getting feed up with sneaking around when he’s (supposedly) asleep. I’m almost certain he knows about it, but he’s not saying anything yet.

Having just read the last two paragraphs back, I was stunned how sad they make me sound. I’m I a Man or a Mouse? I think I already know the answer to that question!

If there's anyone out there wanting to murder me in an 'On-Line' game of "Gear of War", you can find me on Xbox LIVE! as "TRANCE ELBOW".

See you there, but don't forget your Chainsaw.


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