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Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Driveway To Land A Jumbo Jet On

As I mentioned earlier, I have for the past 3 years been taking my bike across my front lawn twice a day. This has taken it toll on the grass and last Monday disaster stuck. I managed to fall over in the mud, depositing my pride & joy into my neighbours Hydrangea bush.

My Brother-in-Law (Chunky) said it was time I dealt with the problem and replaced the lawn with concrete. He’s a builder and volunteered his services. To this end I ordered 1 ton of type1 (crushed concrete), 1 ton of ballast and several bags of dust (cement), which arrived on Saturday morning. However, on Thursday afternoon I was asked to work on Saturday. It was implied that it wasn’t optional, so I had to agree. I wouldn’t normally think twice about accepting overtime, but the timing was not good.

By the time I returned home at 5pm, the skip was full of soil, there was a huge hole where the lawn had been a few hours earlier and my neighbours were not pleased with the tyre marks that the skip lorry had left in the grass verge. I don’t know! I turn my back for 5 minutes………

On Sunday it seemed a good idea to hire a mixer rather than attempt to do it all by hand. By midday we had used up all the ballast and cement, but the job was only half completed. The solution was a trip to B&Q to purchase 40x 25kg bags of ballast and 12x 25kg bags of dust. It took us quite some time to ferry all the materials back home.

We ran out of materials again at about 6pm and decided to call it a day. After all, it was dark and where do you get ballast from at that time on a Sunday evening?

There is only a small section about 4’ x 2’ left to complete now. The plan is to fill it in sometime during the week. This assumes the good weather holds up until then and hopefully by Wednesday I will be able to use my bike again.


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