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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Don’t Ignore A Broken Tooth, Even If It Doesn’t Hurt

About five years ago I was suffering tooth ache and visited a dentist for the first time since leaving school. The dentist took lots of X-rays and scheduled a return visit to sort it out. When I returned he fixed the offending tooth and gave me a quote for some other work he said was required. I didn’t much like the quoted price and decided as it no longer hurt that I wouldn’t bother.

A few months later I was suffering severe tooth ache to the extent that I couldn’t sleep most nights, so I returned. Due to ignoring the previous advice the amount of work required had grown. One of my molars was quite rotten and it was touch and go whether it could be saved, but he tried anyway.

Sometime last spring the afore mentioned molar began to self-destruct. I had pieces of tooth and filling coming out almost everyday. To my surprise it didn’t hurting until last June while my Wife was away. A friend of mine mentioned that he know a chemist which sold temporary filling kits, so I gave it a go and the pain stopped quite quickly.

Just before Christmas I finally went to the dentist to have it sorted out. My options are,

  1. Pull it out
  2. Receive ‘Route Canal Treatment’

I’m not keen on losing the tooth as I’m not especially old and I’m hoping to be requiring my teeth for a good few years yet. So I suppose it’ll be the canal digging route I should take. I figured that January is probably not the best time financially to be spending out money if I can avoid it. My plan was to put it off for a month or too.

This idea has proved to not be possible and I can no longer avoid the invertible as the night time pain has been keeping me awake. Last night I think I finally dosed off at about 4:30am after taking a cupboard full of pain killers. When the alarm went off at 6am, I felt like I’d been hit by a bus and returned to bed. When I eventually emerged from under the duvet it was 3:15pm and I felt human once more.

I have arranged for my dentist to start his digging tomorrow. Oooo am I not looking forward to that!


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