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Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Our Christmas Present to Us

I completely forgot to mention that we managed to pick up our new car just before Christmas. And here she is.

Our Christmas Present to Us

The collection didn’t go completely to plan though. After various documents had been exchanged, forms filled in and large wads of cash handed over, I was told the while they were cleaning the car one of the rear doors had decided it didn’t want to open. They had made a quick dash to Renault for a new clip and it had just been fitted. Not a problem I thought, that’s another problem I now wont have to deal with later.

While I collected all my bits up and used the facilities, the sales manager fetched the car round to the front of the showroom in readiness for the handing over ceremony. She re-entered the showroom looking a little concerned and whizzed pass me, straight into the service department. She shortly returned, explaining that a dashboard light thinks one of the doors is open, when it clearly isn’t.

At this point an engineer appeared, in the style of Mr. Benn’s favourite shopkeeper (as if by magic) and proceeds to remove a door panel. This was closely followed by much door opening & closing, gnashing of teeth and yet more panel removals. Our engineer come shopkeeper then disappeared again, as quickly as he’d appeared.

After some whispering in the shadows, it was decided that a new part would be required to rectify the problem. Unfortunately, this wont be available until after Christmas. Fair enough, I thought. I think I can manage with a small red light until then. So of I went in my shiny new toy as happy as a small child on Christmas morning.

It wasn’t until I was halfway home that I realised that because the car thinks one of the doors was open that the interior light will stay on all the time. Strangely, there is no way to turn it off either. No problem, I’ll just whip the bulb out until the replacement switch arrives. A great plan, with just one tiny flaw. By the time I had an opportunity to remove the bulb, it had been on for several hours and it hadn’t occurred to me that it may be hot. The resulting burns healed quite quickly considering.


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