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Monday, 17 July 2006

Day of the Flying Ants - In Croydon At Least

That could almost be the title of a 1960’s ‘B’ movie, but as far as I know it isn’t.

Today seems to be that annual day, in Croydon at least, that the Female ants leave the safety of their nests in order to set up their own colonies. They are everywhere today, including inside my visor.

I first noticed them when I set out for my customary lunchtime stroll. When I saw the wingless ants wandering around the pavements, I thought to myself, "They look strangely large for British ants". It wasn’t until I walked into a swam of winged ones that I realised that they were of course the female of the species looking for new accommodation.

There must have been millions of them flying about the place and they seemed to be everywhere. How on Earth do they all know that today is the day? What happens if some of them have set their clocks wrong and don’t go until tomorrow? Perhaps all the best new homes will have been snapped up by then. Who knows? I certainly don’t.

When I got home tonight there was no sign of the little blitters. Except one which had taken up residance on the front of my visor, but she was an immigrent from Croydon and not a local you understand. We will have to make do with our usual swam of Bumble Bees engulfing the Lavender bush. Perhaps it's not yet our turn to be attacked by those busy little ants. That joy is obviously yet to come.


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