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Wednesday, 19 July 2006

I’m Feeling Deflated – Yet Again 8-(

For the second time this year I’m feeling deflated today. Well actually, it’s my bike which is deflated. Yes, that’s correct. I have yet another foreign body stuck in my rear tyre. I noticed it after I got myself kitted up in my leathers and there it was. A nice shiny nail. At least it’s change from the usual screws that I seem to collect.

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It was at this point that I became un-characteristically angry and frustrated. I’m usually extremely laid back to the point of being horizontal. It wasn't anyone else at homes fault you understand but right then this didn’t seem to matter. I think I shouted that the puncture would have to wait until the weekend as I didn’t have time now and would have to use the train until Monday.

Still in a grumpy mood I rearranged my everyday kit from my tank bag to a rucksack and dashed to the station.

My day wasn’t getting any better at the station. I was late, there was a massive queue for tickets and I had to part with almost a weeks petrol money for one return journey to Croydon. While waiting for my train, which was later than me, there was a cheery announcement, “Please don’t forget that we are on strike this Friday and you’ll have to get to work some other way”. That was my plan out of the window.

When the train finally arrived, I had to stand. I moaned that I’d paid for a ticket I shouldn’t have needed and couldn’t get a seat. Then I suddenly realised that in my hurry to leave home I’d left my office pass in my tank bag. Could today get any worse?

By the time I got to work I’d calmed down considerably and had successfully organised my way around the situation. It involved leaving promptly from work, borrowing my Mum & her car, and a quick dash from the station to the bike shop to have a suitable repair made. Sorted, I thought. It can just be done if everything goes like clock work.

Therefore, on the stroke of 4pm I dashed to the station to complete my carefully planned manoeuvres. However, Network Rail, a trespasser near Chichester and a substation in Bedford have other ideas.

I got home just as the bike shop was closing. Damn & blast!!!!

My kind Mum is taking in tomorrow for me. I’ll bet they will have run out of Honda shaped repair kits by then though.

Never mind, it could be worse. In Shropshire tonight 43,000 homes have no water due to a power failure!

Deep Joy – Now my Broadband modem is playing up again.

SHOOT ME NOW!!!!!!!!!!

"Infamy! Infamy! They've all got it in for me!"
(Kenneth Williams in Carry On Cleo)


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  1. Whyever did dunlop stop making solid rubber tyres ?

  2. Whyever indeed?

    I have considered filling them with expanding foam, but I have been advised against it.

    I think I've already mentioned that in my blog. It's the age you know. I'm getting so forgetful 8-)


  3. That Kenneth Williams quote could have been my motto for the weekend as well. Hope things start looking up for you - -and me as well!