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Tuesday, 25 July 2006

National flags ban to be lifted

St. George's Cross
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It would appear that I and thousands of others have recently been unwittingly breaking the law. Apparently it is currently illegal in English to fly a National flag outside your house, unless it is mounted on a vertical pole. If it’s displayed at any other angle it becomes “Advertising”, for which your need planning permission. Poppy-cock I say. It I want to fly any of my collection of St. George’s crosses or Union flags I will and to hell with this stupid law.

I’m proud to be English and if I want to let people know, I will. So there!

However, it would appear that the “Westminster Muppet Show” have decided to repeal this law soon. And I should think so too. It’s totally ridiculous.

Background from BBC - National flags ban to be lifted

Now I’ve got that off my chest I shall wind my neck in and sign off.

Until next time Bloggers.


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