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Thursday, 20 July 2006

It's worse than that. It's died Jim!

Update on yesterday - I’m Feeling Deflated – Yet Again 8-(

After I finished writing yesterdays blog (link above), I started experiencing few broadband connection problems. A quick reset of the modem seemed to solve the problem for about 20 minutes or so. After the 12th reset, I was getting a bit cheesed off, so I just gave up for the day and sulked off to bed.

Mum took the aforementioned punctured tyre to the bike shop this morning to facilitate a repair on my behalf. They had not, as previously expected, run out of Honda shaped repair kits. The tyre however, was certified ‘Dead on Arrival”. Because the head of the nail had gone in at quite a steep angle, it had made a hole bigger than could be safely repaired.

All this brings me to ask the following,

- Is it the why I ride my bike that makes me particularly susceptible to picking up screws and nails?
- Why can’t other road users take more care with the detritus than they carry around?
- Why me? It never seems to be anyone else’s turn for a puncture!
- Why are bike tyres so much more expensive than car tyres?

I’ve just work out the stats,

Front Wheel – 2 tyres – 0 punctures – in 3 years
Rear Wheel – 6 tyres – 7 punctures – in 3 years

This seems to show a bias towards the back, don’t you think?

I have considered filling the rear tyre with expanding foam, but no one else I’ve mentioned it to thinks it’s a good idea.


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