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Thursday, 13 July 2006

Who Turned Off All The Lights?

We are told by the powers that be that we are heading towards certain doom and darkness unless replacement electricity generating solutions can be found PDQ. A significant number of our power stations are nearing the end of their useful lives and plans for their replacements must be drawn up as soon as possible.

The Government Westminster Muppet Show has announced plans to build six new Nuclear Power stations around the country. This, we are told, is the only viable solution to our envisaged future power requirements. The projected costs are,

  • £2bn to setup each nuclear power station.

  • £300,000 to clean-up each sight once life expired.

  • The environmental cost is incalculable.

To me the clean-up figure seems very low, but that’s what we are lead to believe!

This means, at today’s prices, that the total ‘cradle to grave’ cost for all Six power station will be at least,

  • £12bn or £12,000,001,800,000

If you look at this another way, it works out at £214,285 for every Man, Woman and Child in the UK!!

That figure even surprised me. Surely I’ve got my figures wrong somewhere. It can’t possibly be that much each, can it?

Anyway, I believe there’s a viable and much cheaper alternative. Why not fit solar panels & small wind turbines to every house in the country? I suspect that it would be a fraction of the cost and far less damaging to the environment.

Perhaps I should mention this idea to Friends of the Earth or Greenpeace.

If someone would like to check my figures I’d be grateful.


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